The Top Ways Bio-pesticides Can Help Your Agro-Business

Worried about crop protection and whether the pesticides you would be using would be effective?

With insects growing more ressistant to pesticides, it is important for you to think out of the box. Additionally, traditional pesticides are never the answer – they contain far too many chemicals to be of use to anybody.

If you have been in the agro-business, you know crop protection is one of the most important things to ensure that your hard work is not wasted. Moreover, with innovations in the agro-business, bio-pesticides have come as an innovative way forward because of its several advantages.

How can Bio-pesticides Help You?

You might be looking at going the organic way when it comes to growing vegetables for crop protection but that’s not the only thing you should be looking at.

Using bio pesticides help you do just that, without dependence on any artificial pesticides and manure and is much healthier than the non-organic ones. You don’t have to worry about the harmful pesticides entering bodies any more.

Companies like DKBcrop has been in the crop protection industry for almost ten years now, and can guide you on just what you would need to ensure proper crop protection – without any worries.

Some of the advantages of bio-pesticides can be listed as:

  • Does not leave any toxic residues.
  • Gives a long-lasting and permanent solution.
  • Can be easily integrated with other plant protection methods.
  • Does not have a problem of resistance.
  • Can be used by following conventional techniques.
  • Is eco-friendly, so you don’t want to worry about polluting the environment.
  • Multiplies easily when it is in the host cells.

Since they are less toxic and do not leave any residues, bio-pesticides at dkbcrop are great for the environment too. Derived from materials such as plants, animals, bacteria and some other minerals, they are absolutely natural and eco-friendly. This makes bio-pesticides something that can help your agro-business grow without harming the environment.

The Journey of Bio-pesticides

Traditionally, different forms of bio-pesticides were used in agriculture but the last 50 years have seen many changes and heavy reliance on synthetic pesticides made of chemicals. After rigorous research and regulations, governments and other agencies are trying to control the use of chemical pesticides.

Although there is no precise definition of what bio-pesticides are, according to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), bio-pesticides is something that is produced out of any natural product or micro-organism that can be used to control the pests in plants.

According to a study, there has been a whopping 70% rise in the crop yields in Europe due to the use of bio-pesticides. In the U.S., that statistic is around 100%. Given it all, the importance of bio-pesticides in the field of agriculture is self-explanatory.

Why Should You Choose Only the Best?

Crop protection is important – you know you don’t have any second chances here.

An expert can just ensure that you have nothing to worry about.  We are sure you would love a good harvest!